This New Moon is happening at 16° of Gemini and will be most potent for people with personal planets or the ascendant at 13° to 19° of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). This Full Moon is a culmination of what began around November 23rd so if you journal it may bring more clarity to this forecast to go back and review any entries from around this time. In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you are interested to know what part of your chart will be impacted by any transit, you can book a reading with me.

The bright spark of optimism birthed at the beginning of the cycle is challenged by retrograde Mars in Gemini. Mars looks at the ideals of Sagittarius with an interrogative force. In its’ retrograde phase, it will dissect this vision first before its’ ready to move into action. Mars is supported in this endeavor by Saturn in Aquarius, stabilizing and grounding it in practicality and social consciousness. With a journalistic vigor, Mars wants to know the how, when, what and where of this optimistic belief, but Jupitarian Sagittarius does not bog itself down in such details. This is an excellent time to evaluate the big picture idea planted at the start of the cycle and get clarity on the details, breaking down the ideal vision into digestible pieces. The biggest temptation for Gemini energy at this time is to get lost in the information and forget the larger purpose of it. Sagittarius on the other hand has the opposite problem, being unable to see the trees for the forest. If we are able to strike the balance between faith driven Sagittarius and data curious Gemini we can both use our curiosity for a greater purpose and align our greater purpose with the data present. 

This is a dynamic culmination of both the Full Moon and Mars retrograde, amplifying the energy of each planet. This interrogation led by a Gemini Mars against the idealistic and visionary Sagittarius Sun may cause you to question the optimism planted at the New Moon. In retrograde, Mars is asking us to look inward at where this ideal or belief came from and to question its validity before committing to it. Is it something you want for yourself authentically or was this vision planted within you by the world around you? This process may require us to pivot and adapt our initial vision, which can be painful, especially if we took our belief for granted. The mutable energies present however, are deeply supportive of the flexibility required of us. On the other hand, if we don’t take the time to resolve this conflict internally, we are at risk of creating this conflict externally with those around us, particularly with authority figures, such as our bosses or even our fathers. If we heed the planetary energies and look within, however, we may find that the beautiful vision we’ve been chasing with reckless abandon looks different when Mars puts it on the dissection table, but the adversity of this time will bring clarity and renewed purpose to this ideal once we begin to piece it back together. By the end of this process, we will be able to move forward with clear confidence instead of blind faith.

Thank you for taking the time to arm yourself with the knowledge of astrological energies. It is my hope that my forecasts help you be empowered in moving in harmony with the planets, instead of feeling at the whims of the transits. Astrology can help us learn how to ride the waves of our transits instead of being bowled over by them, taken into the undertow. If you’re interested to learn more about how these transits could affect you as an individual, you can book a reading with me. Happy Full Moon! I hope that you