This Full Moon is happening at 9° of Aquarius and will be most potent for people with personal planets or the ascendant at 6° to 12° of the fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you are interested to know what part of your chart will be impacted by any transit, you can book a reading with me.

The beginning of this lunar cycle likely left a heavy impression upon us as we confronted the rotting material of past actions, secrets or subconscious beliefs. Pluto retrograde has had us reviewing what lies beneath the physical structures of our lives, whether it’s the soil itself or the psychological compulsions that directed us towards them. A sudden burst of motivation was likely born from this realization, urging us to make decisions about what to do with what we can’t deny any longer. Many of us are finally seeing that the structures we’ve created are condemned and we must demolish them all the way down to the foundation. As destruction begets creation, we have an opportunity to express ourselves authentically now that the rubble has been cleared and construction is well on its way.

As the moon approaches the apex of the cycle there’s increasing tension with a motivation for our individuation and self-expression that is contrasted by cultural problems that require collectivist solutions. While there is no ‘I’ in ‘we’ it’s important that we seek out a community that does not sacrifice our individuality on the altar of conformity, but encourages us to be our authentic selves out loud. We also must remember that our unique expression is not meant only to serve the self, but to serve the world. When we are unabashedly ourselves we are a vital asset to the communities we rely on. This Full Moon is an invitation to balance “all for one and one for all” in our intimate relationships out to all of humanity. 

The day of the full moon is dynamic as not one, but two other aspects will be perfecting the same day. Namely Mercury in Virgo will be opposite Saturn in Pisces while Mars in Virgo trines Jupiter in Taurus. Saturn poses an obstacle or restriction that Mercury must pause to appraise. We may experience rigid thinking, a new found mental maturity, serious talks, or responsibility to our spiritual ideals in our communications. In Virgo, light on their feet Mercury will have no shortage of creative, down-to-earth solutions to the concerns of Saturn, while Mars in Virgo is given by Jupiter in Taurus a powerful boost of both energy and raw material to quickly pivot with the new plan. As we put our new solutions into action, we may find powerful allies coming to assist. With any Mars Jupiter contact, fortune favors the bold, so swing for the fences. If you have a big project, particularly with decluttering, or reorganizing efforts, now is a great time to make moves. 

Thank you for taking the time to arm yourself with the knowledge of astrological energies. It is my hope that my forecasts help you be empowered in moving in harmony with the planets, instead of feeling at the whims of the transits. Astrology can help us learn how to ride the waves of our transits instead of being bowled over by them, taken into the undertow. If you’re interested to learn more about how these transits could affect you as an individual, you can book a reading with me. Happy Full Moon 🌕