Who I Am

Aly is an artist, seer, lifelong student, and practicing gnostic interested in combining the best of modern and mystical approaches to self-knowledge. In early 2018, she began her journey into metaphysics and found a friend in divination. Tarot became her first love and from there she quickly branched out into Astrology. These are her most trusted tools, but she also loves runes, pendulums, numerology and dabbling in anything ‘woo’. She uses divination in tandem with spiritual teachings from an array of esoteric traditions as well as philosophical thought, likening them to one another to highlight the universality among them all. Alongside her metaphysical studies, she devotes herself to dreamwork, deity worship, and ancestor work. When she isn’t ‘wooing’ herself with a new spiritual teaching or metaphysical concept, she is taking care of her family, her space, and the small piece of the Earth she calls home.

My Story

In my youth, I was quick to take to painting and drawing and after graduating from high school, I studied illustration and design for a Bachelor’s in Fine Art. With over a decade of training and experience with art, I found myself burnt out and depressed after receiving my degree. For roughly two years after, my health, both physically and mentally, deteriorated. I had no interest in pursuing the dreams I had throughout college. I suffered increasing chronic pain and fatigue that worsened with poor mood. My self-image and relationships suffered as a direct result. I became increasingly dependent upon my husband and foresaw no fulfillment in my future. 

It was at this point that thoughts of suicide bubbled up to the surface and I sought help. I started antidepressants as well as weekly therapy sessions. This helped me keep my head above water and my health improved but, I still had chronic health issues that Western medicine had no answers for. It wasn’t until I started exploring Wicca and Paganism that something inside me shifted. Encounters ‘beyond the veil’ with spirit began to create cracks in my previous belief structures, but my ego held fast to the reality and relationships those beliefs created. 

A health crisis on my 26th birthday shook me loose from my ego’s stronghold and the life I had created over the last decade fell apart within months. I divorced, completely lost my social circle, and closed the small business that I had been building up since my teens. I took on a drastic lifestyle change that helped me lose roughly a third of my weight and cleaned my diet. As a result, my chronic pain began to dissipate and my mental health recovered quickly. I took the opportunity to wean myself off of my antidepressants and began to see my therapist on an ‘as needed’ basis only. I started to become someone I didn’t recognize. I was happy, confident, and relatively peaceful in the storm I was weathering. 

This experience has become divine in my eyes and I could see a higher power operating within my life that guided me through it. From this perspective, it seems as though that old life was always meant to be released, like all my old favorite clothes that hung loose on me. Letting go of what no longer served me gave me the room to receive what was meant for me and acknowledge the wounds that still needed healing.  Never in my life have I felt such gratitude in loss and pain, and joy replaced my suffering. For a long time, I could not recognize the woman I saw in the mirror, but now I see that I’m remembering exactly who I am.