Who I Am

Aly is an artist, mom, lifelong student, and practicing gnostic interested in combining the best of modern and mystical approaches to self-knowledge. In early 2018, she began her journey into metaphysics and found a friend in divination. Cartomancy became her first love and from there she quickly branched out into Astrology, and Mediumship. These are her most trusted tools, but she also loves runes, pendulums, numerology and dabbling in anything ‘woo’.

She uses divination in tandem with spiritual teachings from an array of esoteric traditions as well as philosophical thought, likening them to one another to highlight the universality among them all. Alongside her studies, she devotes herself to dreamwork, deity worship, and ancestor work. When she isn’t ‘wooing’ herself with a new spiritual teaching or metaphysical concept, she is taking care of her family, her space, and the small piece of the Earth she calls home.

My Story

Where it all started and where it’s all been leading to.

After completing my Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a focus on illustration and design, I faced burnout and depression, leading to a two-year struggle with deteriorating physical and mental health. Thoughts of suicide prompted me to seek help, and through antidepressants and therapy, I managed to stabilize. Exploring Wicca and Paganism played a transformative role, challenging my previous beliefs.

A health crisis on my 26th birthday forced me to make significant life changes. I divorced, lost my social circle, and closed my small business. Adopting a healthier lifestyle resulted in weight loss, improved mental health, and the ability to gradually discontinue antidepressants. Embracing this transformation, I found joy and gratitude in the midst of loss, recognizing the need to let go of what no longer served me. The experience felt divine, revealing a higher power guiding me toward a more authentic self and my spiritual gifts.

Now I see how everything worked to bring me to where I am. When in the dark, divination was my guiding light, and now it’s a privilege to be able to offer it to others. It’s one of the greatest joys of my life and it’s deeply fulfilling to serve you as a conduit for Spirit.