I’m Aly, your friendly mystic, here with the astrological weather for this upcoming Full Moon on September 10th. This full Moon will most powerfully affect those of you with planets in both the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) from degrees 14-20° and in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) from degrees 2-11°. As always, my intention with these forecasts is to give you foreknowledge of the archetypal energies so that you can consciously allow them to move through your life constructively and without resistance. 

This lunation cycle began with the review of our social agreements and relationships. We now find the full Moon in Pisces shifting the perspective of this question away from the details and verbal negotiations towards interconnection and the feeling of union. Its conjunction with Neptune muddies the waters of where we start and others begin and serves as a counter-balance to willful and argumentative Gemini Mars and the analytical and perhaps critical Virgo Sun. This energy of losing the boundaries between one another challenges Mars in Gemini which prefers clear definitions and severance. We may desire to meld ourselves with our partners, family members, friends and spirit but Mars in mental, and intellectual Gemini squares the Moon and refuses to release its hold to the facts at hand, and the Sun wants to know that the issues within our social contracts it’s been analyzing since the start of the cycle will be addressed.

It should be understood that each planet in this story brings a valuable piece to the table if one is able to strike the fine balance of these energies. The Sun illuminates our need to improve the harmony of our agreements and relationships, particularly since Venus has joined the Sun in Virgo and Mercury is stationing retrograde in Libra. The Moon conjunct Neptune yearns for us to remain open and connected emotionally as love is the highest ideal of all relationships and is the only way to achieve harmony. Mars, in contrast, is the energy of self-advocacy. It creates the necessary friction and discomfort to motivate us to verbalize our dissatisfactions, needs, and defend our boundaries if violated. Unlike the Moon at this time, it is not bogged down in memories and emotional connectivity to forget or dismiss maltreatment, agreements, or promises. 

A unique feature of this lunation is the presence of tight squares and oppositions that present challenges and tensions throughout the cycle. We have been feeling over the last two weeks the development of Mercury in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries. The axis of Aries and Libra again highlights the theme of “me versus we”. Aries energy is fiercely independent and bold, and when negative, selfish and callous. Libra, on the other hand, seeks to balance and harmonize, but when negative, is indecisive and people-pleasing. Jupiter in Aries is not afraid to broadcast what it believes while Mercury in Libra seeks to smooth out the harsh edges of Jupiter’s willful and individualistic philosophy with a more collective perspective. Ultimately, balancing Jupiter’s bombast and brutal honesty through the lens of Mercury’s diplomatic delivery and optics can help with communicating our beliefs without stepping on toes unnecessarily. With both planets in retrograde, it’s a good time to review and revise your philosophies and ideals and identify whether or not they balance the rights of the individual with the needs of our relationships and a greater community.

The last half of this cycle will be characterized by the heightening tensions of our individual desires and beliefs and what is required from us by others. The last quarter Moon happens in conjunction with the perfecting square of Mars and Venus and the opposition of Mercury and Jupiter. What is brought to light by this full Moon will require readjustment to resolve the increasing friction between these opposing energies and integrate solutions that are “all for one and one for all”. By the end of the cycle, Mercury will be poised to exit Libra, returning to the degree it was at the new Moon, putting the social balancing act on the back burner. When it returns to Libra at the end of September, retracing its steps for its final review before the next new Moon on October 2nd, it will have the benefit of the work and experience of the current lunation as it drafts and implements new and harmonious social contracts.