This Solar Eclipse is happening at 29° of Aries and will be most potent for people with personal planets or the ascendant at 26° to 29° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) as well as 0° to 2° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). With any eclipse, I warn people to not attempt manifestation work, but this one in particular I advise against for its volatile energy and potency. Any rituals you do to observe the energy or honor deities is completely safe and welcome. In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you are interested to know what part of your chart will be impacted by any transit, you can book a reading with me.

This new cycle starts off with a bang in the explosive sign of Aries. You may be familiar with New Moons as the beginning of a new lunar cycle. You may even know Solar eclipses as the beginning of a new eclipse cycle but this solar eclipse brings with it a new series of eclipses on the Aries and Libra axis that we have not seen in two decades. This is the first in this series as the nodes of the moon begin to shift out of the Scorpio and Taurus part of our charts, giving some much needed breathing room to the fixed sign placements. The previous eclipses we’ve experienced within the last 2 years have been about uprooting that which we assumed would never yield. Eclipses in their nature often bring shock and disruption to wherever they touch our lives and this has been doubly so with the influence of Uranus close by in Taurus. Now that we have done the work to move the immovable we have created a canvas to begin a brand new bold venture. 

In the initiatory sign of the Ram, something big is being born, bursting forth as we will enter the steady sign of the Bull soon after, like the last firework at a 4th of July show that wows the crowd before the evening winds down. Whatever this is for us as individuals it will have a fighting passionate spirit. This powerful energy is heightened by the North Node, adding an extra ‘oomph’ and drive which if handled with caution and balanced with humility (not Aries’ strong suit) can jettison us in a good direction.

The North Node is often given the mantle of the direction of our ‘soul’s path’ and I can see truth in that. However, I believe we should heed the Vedic understanding of the nodes as something to be approached with caution for their powerful and often destructive influence. Specifically, the North Node can point to an unquenchable thirst or desire, and while we can see our desires as a compass on our soul’s journey we should be mindful of how we attempt to satiate them. 

The ruler of this Solar eclipse is Mars in Cancer, the caring yet guarded sign of the crab. Mars in this water sign will bring with it shocking emotional outbursts, particularly if we haven’t been able to express our anger in healthy ways. It can also give us the courage to protect those we love, or defend our softness by not compromising our boundaries. The passionate fire of Mars is using the fuel of our intimate feelings and caring hearts to do its work, however, if not channeled with awareness it will lash out at perceived threats. Our feelings likely have been coming in hot and tensions are bound to be running high; if we allow ourselves and others grace and compassion as we navigate through this next week or so, it will help preserve our relationships with others and ourselves. 

The potency of this Solar Eclipse is heightened by its tension with Pluto in Aquarius. The influence of Pluto often leads to eruptions of what lies in the dark into the light, struggles of power and domination, and our animal instinct. Pluto will likely be the catalyst for the emotional outbursts as it forces us to confront and violently purge the putrid shadows that lie underneath our surface. Collectively, we are seeing our reflection in our contradicting ideals for the best future, the good, bad and ugly of AI’s regurgitation of our digital footprint, and the interrogation of what it means to be human as Pluto moves further into Aquarius.

Thank you for taking the time to arm yourself with the knowledge of astrological energies. It is my hope that my forecasts help you be empowered in moving in harmony with the planets, instead of feeling at the whims of the transits. Astrology can help us learn how to ride the waves of our transits instead of being bowled over by them, taken into the undertow. If you’re interested to learn more about how these transits could effect you as an individual, you can book a reading with me.