This New Moon is happening at 1° of Aquarius and will be most potent for people with personal planets or the ascendant at 0° to 4° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) as well as 29° and 28° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you are interested to know what part of your chart will be impacted by any transit, you can book a reading with me.

This New Moon in Aquarius is characterized by the conjunction forming between Venus and Saturn in the same sign. A new serious minded development is forming around relationships, creative pursuits, and pleasure. The beginning of both a new lunar cycle and a Venus Saturn cycle gives the themes of this lunation a longer lasting presence. The way that this lunar cycle develops can give us some clues as to how the larger Venus Saturn cycle will develop over the next year, when Venus will rejoin Saturn in late March of 2024. When Venus and Saturn make contact, we take the discipline, restriction and maturation of Saturn and bring it into the realm of beauty, relationships, harmony, and the social arena. Venus has come to Saturn to appraise the work she has done since their last connection. 

Many of us will find that a relationship or creative pursuit of ours has reached its full maturity and needs to evolve or dissolve. There may be a feeling of having outgrown a social environment and a bittersweetness of having to leave something we’ve come to love behind in order to honor the growth it’s granted us. Much like a plant that has outgrown its pot, unless it is transplanted into a larger container it will become root bound and choke itself to death. Saturn is most intimately aware of how endings beget beginnings. His gift is to close one door, so that another may open. The pain of putting down childish things is a necessary part of stepping into the new pleasures of adulthood. For some this could be beginning a new project as the old one has bared its fruit, leaving behind an old sense of style and fashion to create a new one, a new discipline of pleasure seeking, or the appraisal of a relationship’s longevity. The tendency for Aquarius to be inflexible in their ideals can lead to a rigid perfectionism when creating new terms in relationships or social contracts. It’s important to allow for some concessions in order to make progress, otherwise there is a real potential for gridlock.

Thank you for taking the time to arm yourself with the knowledge of astrological energies. It is my hope that my forecasts help you be empowered in moving in harmony with the planets, instead of feeling at the whims of the transits. Astrology can help us learn how to ride the waves of our transits instead of being bowled over by them, taken into the undertow. If you’re interested to learn more about how these tranists could effect you as an individual, you can book a reading with me. Happy New Moon!


This month in particular contains what I believe to be the most dynamic and challenging aspect of the year. I’m hoping this forecast can help you consciously navigate these transits, channel their energy constructively and see the beauty of the cosmos as the planets weave this energy through our lives. For those of you with fixed planets or rising signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) from about 17° to 22°, this transit will likely be more challenging for you on a personal level, but all of us will feel this.

As many of you are well aware, we are in the midst of the Mars, Uranus and North Node conjunction in Taurus (just beginning to separate) and you have likely felt the restlessness and perhaps witnessed the explosiveness of this transit either personally or in the world at large already. As Mars moves through this conjunction, he reignites the tension of the Saturn/Uranus square that we have been feeling since late 2021 and which will nearly perfect again in mid-October. Uranus, the Promethean impulse, the rebel (hopefully with a cause), and genius, unpredictable, and freedom-seeking is joined by Mars, the god of war, who adds fuel, heat, agitation, and the willingness to fight for what it values and needs in life-sustaining Taurus. These two planets alone are perfectly described by an explosion, sudden, violent, and destructive. The North Node (NN) brings these energies to the extreme as many will feel compelled to win at all costs against anything or one that they perceive as oppressive. The challenge of this transit is to be certain that what you are attempting to detonate in your life is done for the right reasons. The NN often will compel you to do something just for the sake of it to try to quench an unquenchable desire. Some walls need to be torn down, others are needed to hold the roof over your head. Saturn in socially conscious Aquarius confronts this energy and demands to know if this is sustainable, necessary, practical, and particularly if it is for the greater good of humanity but it may also attempt to hold back the revolution in the name of the current social order and political paradigm. Uranus finds no better counterpart than Saturn in the sky. Saturn, the god of restriction, boundaries, discipline, and structure is the perfect foil to Uranus’s freedom-loving,  experimental, liberating, rebellious energy. This dynamic has left many of us feeling like a bottle of shaken champaign when Mars comes to release an explosive amount of energy and we can either pop off the cork or allow the bottle to shatter.

This Full Moon (shown above) will highlight this tension as the Sun in Leo will have moved into an opposition with Saturn as the Moon joins it in Aquarius. The Mars, Uranus, and NN transit colors this month’s lunar cycle as the full Moon will challenge these energies from cool, detached, socially responsible Aquarius. The willful, expressive, individualistic, and passionate seed planted at the beginning of the Moon cycle is made to contend with and address the need for order, restriction, and a disciplined appraisal of its goal without egoic desire. The culmination of this lunation asks us “How do we honor the enthroned inner spirit’s need for liberation and freedom as individuals in the context of community, social order, practical limitations, and ultimately the greater good without snuffing out the revolution altogether?” There is a need to maintain the authenticity and warmth of the Leo dimension while also maintaining an Aquarian arm’s length distance from the rage and discontent so that we can strategically demolish the systems and structures, both within and without, that created the crisis in the first place. The waning phase of this cycle will allow us to clean up the shrapnel of whatever restraint or structure was demolished in the first half of the month as well as tend to any casualties that we may have suffered as a result. As Mars moves into Gemini on the 20th, where it will remain for the next 8 months, the heat for Saturn and Uranus cools down considerably. The fixed signs will be able to catch their breath as they prepare for the last Saturn/Uranus square next month.