This Solar Eclipse is happening at 2° of Scorpio and will be most potent for people with personal planets or the ascendant at 0° to 5° of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. It’s my mission to equip you with an astrological perspective to navigate your life in an empowered way. If you are interested to know what part of your chart will be impacted by any transit, you can book a reading with me here.

This last week of October we are seeing an intense energy shift from easy-going, diplomatic Libra into emotionally intense and deep Scorpio. Hot off the heels of Venus’s conjunction with the Sun in Libra, a sign which prioritizes social cohesion, Venus’s and the Sun’s shift into Scorpio is a striking demonstration of the demarcation between the two signs. While Venus in Libra concerns itself with social graces, balancing and harmonizing, whether that is with people, fashion, or the arts, Venus in Scorpio finds itself much more concerned with a deep investigation of the contents of the hearts and minds it is in contact with. Scorpio as a sign is often cautious and suspicious of the motives of others, holding its cards close to its chest. This is a result of the depth of feeling and, in regards to Venus in Scorpio, the passion, it is capable of. Scorpio season, in and of itself, is associated with darkness, destruction, and death, without which, life would be incomplete. This is the energy that is deeply intertwined with the Solar Eclipse.

To understand the significance of this Solar eclipse, it’s important to understand how the eclipse cycle works. Eclipse cycles, symbolically, are very similar to the Lunar cycle of New Moon to Full Moon to New Moon, where we have a seed being planted on the New Moon, it comes into fruition on the Full Moon and dissolves as the Moon approaches the end of the cycle to restart it all over again. The difference, however, is that eclipse cycles last longer than the typical 29-30 days of a regular Lunar cycle, starting with the Solar Eclipse, the New Moon, and developing over the next 6 months until the Lunar eclipse, the Full Moon. Eclipses in and of themselves are incredibly potent energetically and are associated with the blocking of light, or awareness. Symbolically, this can indicate the difficulty to see how the cycle may develop, how it may impact us, or even our participation in it. It will likely take much longer for us to understand the full implications of the cycle, especially since they develop over multiple months and are repeated only every 18 years when the nodes of the Moon return to that zodiacal axis.

With this Solar eclipse in Scorpio, we are initiating a deep, powerful, and emotionally transformative review of our relationships, desires, passions, and/or sexuality. This eclipse is ruled by Mars in Gemini, which is stationing retrograde. For the next 6 weeks, Mars will be reviewing the actions and ambitions it started back in early September as it moves through its retrograde cycle, particularly in regard to communication, and information it received at this time. So while Solar Eclipses are associated with the planting of a new seed, Mars’s retrograde cycle will require us to revisit topics or tasks we thought we had dealt with in order to move forward. What we revisit during this time may bring up desires, passions, and feelings that are ugly and difficult to handle. Emotional intensity is a chief signature of this lunation. However, the assistance of the South Node in Scorpio leads to a purgative effect, followed by a deep catharsis and spiritual release from old baggage, physically and/or emotionally.

 Be mindful of what relationships, interests, or projects are started at this time as you can expect them to develop over the next 6 months and will be a clue as to what this eclipse cycle will be about for you. It is generally inadvisable to use eclipses for specific manifestations as eclipses are known for their volatility and unpredictability. This will be particularly true for this eclipse with Uranus, the god of rebellion and sudden change, still in close proximity to the Nodes. As we begin to navigate the heavy energy of this transit, it can be helpful to remember that what is brought up in our hearts needs our recognition to be released. The more we are able to surrender to the process and witness our depths without judgment, the easier it will be to let go.

The Full Moon is happening at 16° of Aries and will be most potent for people with personal planets or the ascendant at 13° to 20° of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. If you are interested to know what part of your chart will be impacted, please revisit the New Moon in Libra post and find your rising sign in the horoscopes. The Full Moon is the manifestation of what was planted at that time.

This Full Moon is happening in conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer. In Aries, he highlights the unhealed collective wound of both hyper-independence and co-dependency. If we have been unable to articulate or maintain our boundaries in the past, we likely carry the false belief that others are not to be trusted and are unreliable or we are unable to care for ourselves and are subject to the whims of others. We can now see, with the reflective light of the Moon, why there was so much contention to the New Moon’s aim of social cohesion, harmony, and balance and can begin the work to heal the imbalance of personal power and responsibility in our relationships and communities.

This lunation is assisted by the difficult energies of Saturn, the planet of necessity, and Mars, the planet of confrontation. Saturn assists us in the necessary task of reviewing our boundaries and Mars helps us to enforce them. We may begin to see that the ways we failed to honor our boundaries led us to believe that other people were unsafe to rely on or we must sacrifice our agency in the name of unsettled peace. It may be tempting to verbally lash out at others for their trespasses against us, however, it’s important to consider how we may not have known our own boundaries until they were crossed. We now have the ability to articulate them decisively thanks to that experience. We cannot blame others for not knowing better if we did not know better ourselves.

Though it may be challenging to say ‘no’ or communicate to our loved ones what we will no longer tolerate, all of this work is in service, ultimately, to a higher octave of justice and balance. If we can learn to walk the tightrope of honoring ourselves as individuals and honoring others in our community, we will find that both benefit. In order to do this, we need to let go of the resentments that keep us locked into believing that we cannot rely on others or that we cannot rely on ourselves. When healthy, Libra energy is able to discern how and when an action is a justice to all. When unhealthy, Libra energy is a blind servant to surface-level peace and people-pleasing. When we are able to trust ourselves by consistently maintaining and honoring our boundaries, we can fearlessly make connections and rely upon our relationships to nourish us in joy and harmony.

Thank you so much for reading this forecast and arming yourself with the knowledge of this cycle. I’m grateful to be able to offer an astrological perspective of the current energies. If you are interested in getting a personalized astrological forecast of upcoming transits or would like to have a reading of your natal promise, you can book a session with me here. If you have any questions regarding astrology either in general or specifically about this forecast, feel free to leave a comment. Happy Full Moon loves! I hope it is a good one. 💜

Hello! I’m Aly, your friendly mystic, here again with the astrological forecast for the New Moon in Libra on 09/25/22. This New Moon is happening at 2° of Libra and will be most potent for people with planets or the ascendant at 0° to 5° of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) as well as people with late degree 29°-25° of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. First, we will go over the archetypal energies present and then we will go through the rising signs to see what topics this New Moon will be highlighting for you. To use these horoscopes you will need to know your birth date, birthplace, and birth time. 


There is a seed being planted in contention with the philosophical review of retrograde Jupiter in Aries. He is concerned with independence, the freedom to act, and selfhood. His retrograde period has likely brought up shifts and changes in our beliefs around the part of our charts that Aries touches. This New Moon, however, asks us “How do we ground a project, idea, action, relationship etc. in the good of all?”. Our task is to figure out how to find balance and justice communally when we are still evaluating our ideals as individuals and desire to go it alone. It is important to note, that the individual and the community cannot live without one another and are thus two sides of the same coin. As much as Jupiter in Aries wants us to believe otherwise, we cannot and do not live in a vacuum and no man is an island. Neither can be honored by dishonoring the other. The tension of these opposites can be held in interdependence, where the independence of an individual is honored and valuable to the community. This lunation cycle may help us learn ways to find more independence and freedom in our responsibility to one another. 

 Many of the themes of the last two weeks and the clarity of Mercury’s Cazimi on the 23rd are ready to be put into action, using Mercury’s valuable review of the first 8 degrees of Libra. As Mercury and Venus, the host of this lunation, move into conjunction in nit-picky Virgo, we may find ourselves trying to crack the code on how to perfect love, sensuality, harmony, and beauty wherever Virgo touches our chart. Our ideals have likely been set unrealistically as Venus passes her opposition with Neptune in Pisces. Past fantasies of the perfection of interconnectedness may have floated back into our consciousness once more. Our souls may remember a time when we lived in perfect unity without our physical vessels creating complications, but Venus in Virgo is an endlessly practical lover and lives in the material. We may have issues accessing our diplomacy with old visions of boundary-less love coming into harsh contrast with our lived experience. 

Nothing kills love and connection faster than a critical nature, however, voicing our dissatisfaction with love is an important art form in and of itself. This is the noble pursuit of perfection Venus in Virgo can embody. How do we voice critiques to create connection and harmony rather than point fingers and cause derision? Much like a painter who bares their soul on canvas still needs feedback and critique from their peers to improve their craft, our relationships need us to speak on what is and isn’t working. It is not an easy task to be vulnerable, baring ourselves to our loved ones and wanting nothing more than to please them, only to be told we are falling short. If both parties remember that they are working toward happiness for all, they may be able to set aside the impulse toward lone wolf philosophies long enough to soften their hearts.



Because of the nature of this New Moon being in opposition to Jupiter, I will be evaluating these horoscopes as pairs on the axis of Aries and Libra. If you know your rising sign, you can read below what houses this transit will highlight for you.

Aries/Libra Risings

This opposition is happening on the 1st & 7th house axis for you. “Me vs. We” is the name of the game. There may be a struggle to find a diplomatic solution to someone’s desires for freedom and independence within love and relationship. You may experience a “my way or the highway” attitude with your loved ones in the face of critique. 

Taurus/Scorpio Risings

This opposition is happening on the 12th & 6th house axis for you. Both these houses are associated with difficulties, loss, and labor. This may be related to topics of care for yourself and others and how to divide labor equitably. You may face issues with outsourcing labor and the desire for extreme independence. There is a potential for burnout with this transit. It will be important to remember to fill your own cup before you try to fill others.

Gemini/Sagittarius Risings

This opposition is happening on the 11th & 5th house axis for you. The topics highlighted are pleasures of community and our personal creativity and vision. There may be some creative and philosophical differences that need mediation between the desire for individual authorship and working harmoniously within a group. It may be tension around a creative project that requires both an individual vision and collaboration. There may be a need to relinquish the desire for total control to bring something into fruition.

Cancer/Capricorn Risings

This opposition is happening on the 10th & 4th house axis for you. This is the axis of property and private life versus career and your reputation. There is a need to balance the demands of work with a responsibility to family and home. An evaluation of whether or not who you are at work and who you are in private are in alignment is likely on the docket. In general, this lunation can highlight your philosophy around work-life balance. Property disputes may also arise.

Leo/Aquarius Risings

This opposition is happening on the 9th & 3rd house axis for you. This axis is about our big picture beliefs and philosophies versus our day-to-day information, rituals and communications. There is likely a rethinking about how you communicate your beliefs and your ideological framework. There may be tension in what you believe in and your daily rituals. It will be important to find out which needs revising in order for them to be in harmony once more.

Virgo/Pisces Risings

This opposition is happening on the 8th & 2nd house axis for you. The topics activated will be around your belongs, self-esteem, and money and how they are woven with those around us. It often is the axis of our financial responsibilities to others and theirs to us. We may be reviewing our personal possessions or what we owe others. Disagreement concerning a debt may arise due to differing beliefs as well as resistance to paying back what may be perceived as an unjust debt. With Mercury retrograde, be sure to check a contract twice, and always get agreements in writing particularly if you are borrowing or lending money.

Thank you so much for reading this forecast and arming yourself with the knowledge of this upcoming cycle. I’m grateful to be able to offer an astrological perspective of the current energies. If you are interested in getting a personalized astrological forecast of upcoming transits or would like to have a reading of your natal promise, you can book a session with me on my website If you have any questions regarding astrology either in general or specifically about this forecast, feel free to leave a comment. Happy New Moon loves! I hope it is a good one. 💜

I’m Aly, your friendly mystic, here with the astrological weather for this upcoming Full Moon on September 10th. This full Moon will most powerfully affect those of you with planets in both the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) from degrees 14-20° and in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) from degrees 2-11°. As always, my intention with these forecasts is to give you foreknowledge of the archetypal energies so that you can consciously allow them to move through your life constructively and without resistance. 

This lunation cycle began with the review of our social agreements and relationships. We now find the full Moon in Pisces shifting the perspective of this question away from the details and verbal negotiations towards interconnection and the feeling of union. Its conjunction with Neptune muddies the waters of where we start and others begin and serves as a counter-balance to willful and argumentative Gemini Mars and the analytical and perhaps critical Virgo Sun. This energy of losing the boundaries between one another challenges Mars in Gemini which prefers clear definitions and severance. We may desire to meld ourselves with our partners, family members, friends and spirit but Mars in mental, and intellectual Gemini squares the Moon and refuses to release its hold to the facts at hand, and the Sun wants to know that the issues within our social contracts it’s been analyzing since the start of the cycle will be addressed.

It should be understood that each planet in this story brings a valuable piece to the table if one is able to strike the fine balance of these energies. The Sun illuminates our need to improve the harmony of our agreements and relationships, particularly since Venus has joined the Sun in Virgo and Mercury is stationing retrograde in Libra. The Moon conjunct Neptune yearns for us to remain open and connected emotionally as love is the highest ideal of all relationships and is the only way to achieve harmony. Mars, in contrast, is the energy of self-advocacy. It creates the necessary friction and discomfort to motivate us to verbalize our dissatisfactions, needs, and defend our boundaries if violated. Unlike the Moon at this time, it is not bogged down in memories and emotional connectivity to forget or dismiss maltreatment, agreements, or promises. 

A unique feature of this lunation is the presence of tight squares and oppositions that present challenges and tensions throughout the cycle. We have been feeling over the last two weeks the development of Mercury in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries. The axis of Aries and Libra again highlights the theme of “me versus we”. Aries energy is fiercely independent and bold, and when negative, selfish and callous. Libra, on the other hand, seeks to balance and harmonize, but when negative, is indecisive and people-pleasing. Jupiter in Aries is not afraid to broadcast what it believes while Mercury in Libra seeks to smooth out the harsh edges of Jupiter’s willful and individualistic philosophy with a more collective perspective. Ultimately, balancing Jupiter’s bombast and brutal honesty through the lens of Mercury’s diplomatic delivery and optics can help with communicating our beliefs without stepping on toes unnecessarily. With both planets in retrograde, it’s a good time to review and revise your philosophies and ideals and identify whether or not they balance the rights of the individual with the needs of our relationships and a greater community.

The last half of this cycle will be characterized by the heightening tensions of our individual desires and beliefs and what is required from us by others. The last quarter Moon happens in conjunction with the perfecting square of Mars and Venus and the opposition of Mercury and Jupiter. What is brought to light by this full Moon will require readjustment to resolve the increasing friction between these opposing energies and integrate solutions that are “all for one and one for all”. By the end of the cycle, Mercury will be poised to exit Libra, returning to the degree it was at the new Moon, putting the social balancing act on the back burner. When it returns to Libra at the end of September, retracing its steps for its final review before the next new Moon on October 2nd, it will have the benefit of the work and experience of the current lunation as it drafts and implements new and harmonious social contracts.

This New Moon in Virgo shifts the heat from the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) to the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) particularly if you have any placements in any of these signs at 0-7 degrees. Since Mar’s departure from Taurus about a week or so ago into the verbal, witty and mentally stimulating Gemini, we have likely seen an uptick of verbal sparring, intellectual conflicts, and stinging insults. (Mars in Gemini is something of an insult comic). It often comes with a mental acuity that moves so quickly that you are likely to say the witty thought before you have the chance to evaluate if it may offend, not that Mars in Gemini cares much if it does.

It’s this energy that tightly squares this Virgo New Moon as it perfects; a powerful and conflict-laden start to the cycle. Both the New Moon and Mars are ruled by Mercury readying for its retrograde in social, harmony-seeking Libra. As a result, this New Moon is concerned with the practical reassessment of its relationships and social agreements. In this reevaluation, there is a real potential for verbal conflict from Mars as he may throw around ‘facts’ as weapons as well as harsh critiques typical to Virgo. It may be easy to become defensive if a loved one critiques the status quo of your relationship (or worse, your behavior or actions within it) as it may no longer serve them. It’s important that those with a strong Virgo impulse (and those on the other end of that impulse) to not conflate the critique of the behavior, agreement, etc. with the person themselves. Mars has an overwhelming influence upon the initiation of this New Moon as it can create an argument out of a discussion. This configuration has the tendency to want to win the mental and intellectual battle but its ruler, Mercury in Libra, seeks diplomatic solutions. The proper use of this martian energy is to use the decisive power of Mars to cut away the clauses of your social contracts that no longer serve your relationships instead of locking your loved ones into verbal combat about the details of the past. With Mercury’s retrograde close at hand characterizing this lunation, it is not advised to start brand new agreements and to not settle too quickly on a revision of an old one, but to take the time of this retrograde cycle to tweak, experiment, and understand the position of your partner so that by the end of this lunation cycle (Around September 23rd) you will have a clearer assessment of the efficacy of your current agreements and what needs to change. The combined Mercurial powers of this Virgo New Moon and Gemini Mars can be used to great success if the Gemini energy is used to aggregate data and clearly define the terms of the contracts, both spoken and unspoken, and the Virgo energy is used to analyze those details and allowed to cull what no longer works and improve upon what has. During this time, it’s good to remember that whoever it is you may argue with is your comrade and, while you both may have grievances, it is better to work together to resolve them rather than criticize and attack one another. Accountability, patience, and humility are the antidotes to Mar’s desire to create a war to win and Virgo’s desire for perfection. Your fight need not be with your comrade this lunar cycle, but with the old paradigm of your relationships instead.

Thank you so much for reading this forecast, I hope that it helps you navigate another Mars-y lunation and channel the warrior energy constructively.



This month in particular contains what I believe to be the most dynamic and challenging aspect of the year. I’m hoping this forecast can help you consciously navigate these transits, channel their energy constructively and see the beauty of the cosmos as the planets weave this energy through our lives. For those of you with fixed planets or rising signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) from about 17° to 22°, this transit will likely be more challenging for you on a personal level, but all of us will feel this.

As many of you are well aware, we are in the midst of the Mars, Uranus and North Node conjunction in Taurus (just beginning to separate) and you have likely felt the restlessness and perhaps witnessed the explosiveness of this transit either personally or in the world at large already. As Mars moves through this conjunction, he reignites the tension of the Saturn/Uranus square that we have been feeling since late 2021 and which will nearly perfect again in mid-October. Uranus, the Promethean impulse, the rebel (hopefully with a cause), and genius, unpredictable, and freedom-seeking is joined by Mars, the god of war, who adds fuel, heat, agitation, and the willingness to fight for what it values and needs in life-sustaining Taurus. These two planets alone are perfectly described by an explosion, sudden, violent, and destructive. The North Node (NN) brings these energies to the extreme as many will feel compelled to win at all costs against anything or one that they perceive as oppressive. The challenge of this transit is to be certain that what you are attempting to detonate in your life is done for the right reasons. The NN often will compel you to do something just for the sake of it to try to quench an unquenchable desire. Some walls need to be torn down, others are needed to hold the roof over your head. Saturn in socially conscious Aquarius confronts this energy and demands to know if this is sustainable, necessary, practical, and particularly if it is for the greater good of humanity but it may also attempt to hold back the revolution in the name of the current social order and political paradigm. Uranus finds no better counterpart than Saturn in the sky. Saturn, the god of restriction, boundaries, discipline, and structure is the perfect foil to Uranus’s freedom-loving,  experimental, liberating, rebellious energy. This dynamic has left many of us feeling like a bottle of shaken champaign when Mars comes to release an explosive amount of energy and we can either pop off the cork or allow the bottle to shatter.

This Full Moon (shown above) will highlight this tension as the Sun in Leo will have moved into an opposition with Saturn as the Moon joins it in Aquarius. The Mars, Uranus, and NN transit colors this month’s lunar cycle as the full Moon will challenge these energies from cool, detached, socially responsible Aquarius. The willful, expressive, individualistic, and passionate seed planted at the beginning of the Moon cycle is made to contend with and address the need for order, restriction, and a disciplined appraisal of its goal without egoic desire. The culmination of this lunation asks us “How do we honor the enthroned inner spirit’s need for liberation and freedom as individuals in the context of community, social order, practical limitations, and ultimately the greater good without snuffing out the revolution altogether?” There is a need to maintain the authenticity and warmth of the Leo dimension while also maintaining an Aquarian arm’s length distance from the rage and discontent so that we can strategically demolish the systems and structures, both within and without, that created the crisis in the first place. The waning phase of this cycle will allow us to clean up the shrapnel of whatever restraint or structure was demolished in the first half of the month as well as tend to any casualties that we may have suffered as a result. As Mars moves into Gemini on the 20th, where it will remain for the next 8 months, the heat for Saturn and Uranus cools down considerably. The fixed signs will be able to catch their breath as they prepare for the last Saturn/Uranus square next month.