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Here’s What Others Are Saying…

Aly is able to see things that are going on in my mind and life that I just don’t ever talk about with other people and she does it in a way that feels comfortable, approachable, and provides new clarity to these elements of my life. She is able to explain any questions I have in clear language without feeling like she is watering down the nuances of what she is explaining.

What a wonderful experience! Aly is easy to talk to and a gracious guide.
Our hour long session was very productive and a powerful tool of introspection.

Aly is an incredible resource in which to learn and understand astrology. Before working with her, my interest in astrology was pretty surface — I grew up reading horoscopes in magazines, newspapers, and online. I didn’t know there was a plethora of information available in the sky, how to use it to my advantage, nor the difference between a general forecast and chart reading. During my chart reading, Aly put things I knew, felt, and/or was completely unaware of about myself and path into a clearer perspective. She is passionate, smart, well-spoken, and kind. She explains astrological history, concepts, and practices extremely well to people of all levels, so despite its intricateness, it doesn’t feel overwhelming or impossible to understand. As a result of taking a few of Aly’s workshops I am also aware of the parallels between some of my dreams and astrological signifiers in the form of numbers, imagery, and quotes. Working with Aly has proven to be quite beneficial, and I am excited to see how her career as an astrologer continues to grow.

Where do I start?? I can’t say enough about Aly and her fantastic ability to read my Astrological Chart. She was able to give me so much clarity and understanding as to why things have happened in my life. It was a mind blowing reading and I recommend anyone to go to her to get an Astrology reading. You won’t be disappointed! She dives deep and really has the knowledge of the Astrological realms to help you understand what you need to know.

She was amazing to connect with, it was comfortable and super informative. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to have my chart read by her.

Aly knows her shit. Her interpretation of my chart really resonated with me and a bunch of other readings I’ve gotten (card readings, Akashic readings, etc). This is super in depth stuff, not something you can easily get online. I highly recommend reaching out to her!