This Full Moon is happening at 16° of Virgo and will be most potent for people with personal planets or the ascendant at 13° to 19° of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). This lunation is excellent for releasing perfectionism, limiting beliefs, and to reflect on the power of perception and imagination. In my practice, the purpose of astrology is to give us the ability to see the divinity in the shifting circumstances of our daily lives to help us surrender to what we cannot change, the courage to change what we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

This lunation is the culmination of the wishful and dreamy desire planted at the New Moon in Pisces. The beautiful fantasy we came into contact with then is being contrasted by the Full Moon in Virgo. Virgoan energy is all about how the details add up to outcomes far down the road. With the ability for far reaching vision and idealism as well as the keen awareness of the Earthly bounds in which we all are subject to, Virgo is preoccupied with the need to understand what is necessary in order to bring this ideal into the physical. Unfortunately, this skill for vision to both accurately assess the current circumstances and to envision their perfect outcome can lead to a spiritual dissatisfaction for the ways in which the material representation can never quite measure up to the ideal. With the Full Moon opposite its ruler Mercury in Pisces and square to Mars in Gemini there may be a sense of frustration with being able to see the gap between what we want and where we currently are but being unable to grasp or formulate a coherent plan of attack.

As this Full Moon perfects and increasingly agitates the now activated Mars and Neptune Square, it will be easy to be spurred into a disoriented frenzy of action in a vain attempt to move the needle forward. Mars, God of war and conflict, is being prodded by Neptune, God of illusions and fantasies. Mars likes to fight and win for its own satisfaction, but Neptune demands that its actions be in service to a collective dream, to dissolve its personal will and individual desire into a collective force. Mars in Gemini wants the facts at hand, to understand the lay of the battleground but Neptune casts a fog of war that makes Mars’s investigative vigor impotent. We may fight for, or with, collective illusions and come into contact with the power and force of the imagination. To use a parable from Vedantic philosophy, we can consider the story of The Rope and the Snake. A man walking at night along a path sees a snake barring his passage and in fear runs back from where he came. In the morning, he goes to take the same path and finds in place of the snake a coiled rope. We are meant to understand that without full knowledge of the reality of a situation that we can act according to our misconceptions as if they are true. In Neptune’s nebulous and reality warping sphere of influence and Mars’s desire for conflict and domination, we can find ourselves mistaking perception with truth and wage war on its behalf.

Presently, it is not advised to start any difficult conversations that can be postponed. Mercury, the ruler of communication, is in a distressed and weakened state at this time. With the current energies, it would be incredibly easy to unintentionally cause a misunderstanding that fuels a ruthless verbal vivisection between you and a loved one, creating more pain and confusion in the process. A constructive use of these energies could look like a creative use of language, such as poetry or journaling, to express our felt anger and pain without the need to comprehend it. As Pisces represents the emotional waters of our inner and collective worlds, it is aligned with what can be felt but never defined. Mercury’s desire to intellectualize the Piscean part of our charts can leave it frustrated and at a loss for words. The function and beauty of Pisces is not an intellectual pursuit and trying to understand and pin down its meaning will block the flow of experience the Fishes wish to bring to us.

On the same day of the Full Moon, we see Saturn move into Pisces, adding to the focus on the Pisces area of our charts. Where ever you find Pisces in your chart, the planetary taskmaster will bring the need for discipline, restriction, release, solitude, and restructuring. Particularly in Pisces, we can see dedication to a higher power or cause that is practical and grounded. Positively, it makes deeply devoted spiritual figures, like monks and disciples, a feeling of responsibility to abide by a loving ethic, and disciplined artists and creatives. Negatively, it can manifest as emotional isolation and loneliness, a harsh contraction of our ability to empathize, as well as a bleak and pessimistic imagination. For an in-depth overview of Saturn in Pisces as well as a review of the Saturn Cycle for those of you about to enter your Saturn Return, you can watch my Saturn Returns in Pisces talk here:

With the dynamic and restless energies present, now is a great time of reflection and reframing; To pause and wait for information as much as possible with the awareness that we likely do not have all the facts. While we are unable to control or completely avoid the energies, we can move with them wisely. So as always, I thank you for taking the time to arm yourself with the knowledge of astrological energies. It is my hope that my forecasts help you be empowered to live in harmony with the planets, instead of feeling at the whims of the transits. Astrology can help us learn how to ride the waves of our transits instead of being bowled over by them, taken into the undertow. If you’re interested to learn more about how these transits could effect you as an individual or for more insight on your unique astrological blueprint, you can book a reading with me. Happy Full Moon to you all!

This New Moon in Virgo shifts the heat from the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) to the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) particularly if you have any placements in any of these signs at 0-7 degrees. Since Mar’s departure from Taurus about a week or so ago into the verbal, witty and mentally stimulating Gemini, we have likely seen an uptick of verbal sparring, intellectual conflicts, and stinging insults. (Mars in Gemini is something of an insult comic). It often comes with a mental acuity that moves so quickly that you are likely to say the witty thought before you have the chance to evaluate if it may offend, not that Mars in Gemini cares much if it does.

It’s this energy that tightly squares this Virgo New Moon as it perfects; a powerful and conflict-laden start to the cycle. Both the New Moon and Mars are ruled by Mercury readying for its retrograde in social, harmony-seeking Libra. As a result, this New Moon is concerned with the practical reassessment of its relationships and social agreements. In this reevaluation, there is a real potential for verbal conflict from Mars as he may throw around ‘facts’ as weapons as well as harsh critiques typical to Virgo. It may be easy to become defensive if a loved one critiques the status quo of your relationship (or worse, your behavior or actions within it) as it may no longer serve them. It’s important that those with a strong Virgo impulse (and those on the other end of that impulse) to not conflate the critique of the behavior, agreement, etc. with the person themselves. Mars has an overwhelming influence upon the initiation of this New Moon as it can create an argument out of a discussion. This configuration has the tendency to want to win the mental and intellectual battle but its ruler, Mercury in Libra, seeks diplomatic solutions. The proper use of this martian energy is to use the decisive power of Mars to cut away the clauses of your social contracts that no longer serve your relationships instead of locking your loved ones into verbal combat about the details of the past. With Mercury’s retrograde close at hand characterizing this lunation, it is not advised to start brand new agreements and to not settle too quickly on a revision of an old one, but to take the time of this retrograde cycle to tweak, experiment, and understand the position of your partner so that by the end of this lunation cycle (Around September 23rd) you will have a clearer assessment of the efficacy of your current agreements and what needs to change. The combined Mercurial powers of this Virgo New Moon and Gemini Mars can be used to great success if the Gemini energy is used to aggregate data and clearly define the terms of the contracts, both spoken and unspoken, and the Virgo energy is used to analyze those details and allowed to cull what no longer works and improve upon what has. During this time, it’s good to remember that whoever it is you may argue with is your comrade and, while you both may have grievances, it is better to work together to resolve them rather than criticize and attack one another. Accountability, patience, and humility are the antidotes to Mar’s desire to create a war to win and Virgo’s desire for perfection. Your fight need not be with your comrade this lunar cycle, but with the old paradigm of your relationships instead.

Thank you so much for reading this forecast, I hope that it helps you navigate another Mars-y lunation and channel the warrior energy constructively.